New Site, Who 'Dis?

Welp, late this afternoon we were gifted with the keys to our new home on the Internet and we straight up couldn't be more excited if we built this beautiful space ourselves.  (Spoiler alert, we did NOT build it ourselves.  Rather, Hoot Design served as our architect, our builder, our interior designer, our therapist, and the holder of our hands on this project...and for that we are eternally grateful.)


And no less than five people said to me over the weekend, "wow, you are really excited about this new website design" and to that I say...YES, YES I AM.  

Because look, it is crazy maddening to have a vision in your head for a beautiful web presence and lack the skills to make it A THING.  So when you find an off-the-charts talented group of people (like our BFFs at Hoot Design) that can see right into your soul and turn a vision into a reality, then you better believe I'm going to straight up talk about it for a sweet forever.  

(Be glad I'm leaving for Ireland tomorrow.  Also, I just packed 150 #WPD stickers in my purse because I heard Prince Harry and Princess Meghan will be there on a small honeymoon and well, I never want to waste an opportunity to discuss #worldpiedomination.)

So take a look around and then jump over to view our darling little blog site at because we just couldn't be more smitten with our new look.  You are going to LOVE IT.  Trust me.