For the past several semesters, we've had the honor of working with Mizzou's School of Business MBA program.

In short, a group of MBA students work for an entire semester on a particular problem/idea/issue that PJP is facing and then at the end of the semester, the group reports their findings and suggestions.  BASICALLY, IT IS MAGICAL.  It's like paying a group of super smart consultants to think about you for three months and then just when you dread seeing the final bill, you find out it is free.


And, let's be honest, those students could offer us up some bare minimum advice and do just enough to meet the assignment criteria...but they don't. Each semester, those students become super fans (and are probably reading this right now, holla!) and learn all the things about us.  And from time to time, I even get emails from past students who are still reading and following us on social media, which honestly is just a delight.

So this semester, the team looked at maximizing our online presence through the blog and through social media.  

And in the end, we all concluded that PJP has all the capabilities to do big and interesting things, but we tend to get in our own way.  SPOT ON ASSESSMENT.  Because the truth is that posting the blog at 3 pm may be more effective in reach than 10 pm and gathering content to have it drip onto Instagram on a steady schedule is likely really wise.  I don't do that only because I'm doing 381 other things during the day.  And I'm doing those 381 things because I like to keep a tight rein on PJP.  I'm not saying it is good or justified, but that is the straight up truth.

Now that said, I am significantly better than two years ago.  Or even a year ago.  Really, I am.  I think.

But the nice takeaway from today is that the team could have lead us right out into the weeds of Google Analytics, or we all could have sat around a conference table and talked about what we know to be true about how Jeanne and I operate and how to move forward from that perspective.  And if there is anything Jeanne and I are super keen on, it is for being appreciated for who we are.  This is why the MBA teams are always the best.  Also, they solidly backed my plan to have Jeanne live tweet an episode of Gunsmoke, just for sheer entertainment value.

Seriously though, today's presentation moved some things around in the way Jeanne and I think about some very key things where PJP is concerned.  

And a thought shift for us is HUGE because we are fiercely protective in the way we view what we do.  That alone is worth a six figure consultant's fee...except this was free.  If someone from the state legislature needs my input when working on funding for higher education in our state in relation to return on investment, they can find me at PJP Buttonwood.

And if someone finds Jeanne on Twitter, please know I was not alone in suggesting it.  #Gunsmoke.