Hello From The Other Side...

Well, hello there from Ireland.  We've been here a few days now, enough for me to be completely unsure about what day or time it is in America.  But I can tell you (thanks to my international texting plan), that PJP is still standing and doing quite well.  Jeanne and team are smooth sailing through calm seas without me, so there's that.  WHEW.



Just because I'm on the other side of the Atlantic doesn't mean I'm not thinking of PJP.  Here's a few things I've noted since our arrival on Wednesday morning:

  1. There is nothing like international travel to remind you of just how large the world really is.  Which sounds ridiculous, right?  I tend to be very focused on my 20-mile radius in Boone County and clearly was in dire need of the reminder that there is so much more.
  2. Yesterday we toured the Guinness Storehouse and learned that when Arthur Guinness signed the lease on his initial brewery space, he signed a 9,000 year lease.  I'm not even kidding you.  I remember thinking our initial 60 months was a gamble.  Arthur Guinness is my entrepreneurial hero.
  3. In the Temple Bar area of Dublin, we found The Pieman Cafe.  It was super cute and sold only baby savory pies.  It made me want to drop a PJP right next door to it.  I would show you a picture but I can't navigate our new site AND European Wi-Fi, so you'll have to trust me.
  4. Dessert pies are in short supply here.  As is iced coffee.  I'm low-key considering a relocation and opening a PJP that offers only our pies and only venti iced coffees with cream and splenda.  Not a sweet potato pie or jug of skim milk on the coffee bar in sight.  And every Irish person we've met has been nothing short of a delight, so I think they would be down with it.
  5. We headed south today from Dublin to Kilkenny, which could be the most adorable town EVER.  No dessert pies.  No iced coffee.  Clearly, needs a PJP.  I wonder if I could get a 9,000 year lease?
Rebecca Miller