Envelope Included.

Not long ago, we were tagged on Instagram by a fan who created artwork of our White Chocolate Strawberry pie.  And in her comments, she said that even though she was 8,000 kilometers away, she was hopeful to meet Jeanne and I and visit PJP Buttonwood some day.

Wait.  What?  8,000 kilometers?

I immediately responded and said that if she would DM me her address, we would be happy to send her some #WPD stickers...even though at the time, I would have wagered to guess that 8,000 kilometers away was France, maybe?  Or Germany?  Guesstimating distance isn't my strong suit, but I'm all there for worldwide fandom of PJP.

Turns out, it's in Russia.  Gah...we've gone international.


Lucky for me, I have a super talented and artistic daughter and she suggested that we not only send a slew of #WPD stickers to our Russian fan, but that she decorate the envelope too...so as to make the receipt of the envelope an experience.  (My girl has an entrepreneurial spirit if there ever was one.)

And right now, this envelope (with the recipient's name redacted for the sake of this picture) is making it's way from Buttonwood Drive to Kalingrad, Russia.  I would tell you exactly how many miles that is, but I can't exactly figure it out despite my best Googling efforts.  It is, though, 19 hours and five minutes by plane (three separate planes, at that).  


Live somewhere that isn't Columbia, Missouri?  DM us your address on Instagram and we will send some #WPD stickers your way.  St. Louis or 8,000 kilometers across the world, either way.  Decorated envelope included, OF COURSE.



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