Is It Me?

So, I always forget that June is our second slowest month of sales until is actually June.  And just like January comes after a fall full of busy days, June lands with a thud after all the excitement of Pi(e) Day, graduation, Mother's Day, and more.  So what I'm saying in a very nice way is that not much interesting has happened at PJP since I've been back from vacation, but here are a few things worth discussing.

  1. Our electric bill is $599.12 for the past month.  I don't even know what to do with that information besides complain about our lack of insulation and our dinosaur of an air conditioning unit, except I don't want to hurt the air conditioner's feelings and it quit on us, because our lease would require us to buy a new air conditioning unit and for the same cost, we could basically build a small house on the roof.  At least I could have an office that way, I guess.
  2. Of my goal to work at Starbucks for a few hours at least twice last week, I made it there once.  While there, I put us on a trial subscription to Google AdWords so that if anyone in pre-determined locations googles "pie", "pie bakery", "best pie", our information pops up.  It's been on my to-do list for three years.  I'm not sure an eyeroll emoji or a crying while laughing emoji fits better here.  I'll be the first to admit that sometimes, I make no sense in my choice to put stuff off.
  3. We are also working on exploring some new ideas with our Jelly Jar pies.  We currently hand roll the dough into each jar, which takes a sweet forever.  We can't purchase a die press for our pie press machine because the pressure would shatter the glass.  So we purchased some sample four ounce tin cans, found out they bake pie beautifully, and now one is on it's way to our pie press manufacturer in Illinois to see if a die can be make.  Let's collectively cross our Internet community fingers..

4.  We are also transitioning our email from our previous provider and I've been without my email for the past few weeks (which was odd, but sort of freeing).  We have a solid start, so in the interim you can email us at  Lionel Richie lyrics are optional, but I'm always fan.


 5.  And finally, our online shipping is migrating to a new platform and it looks like dream compared to our old ordering page.  Interesting in sending pies to Dad for Father's Day this weekend?  You have through tomorrow to order on our super simple and fun new ordering page!

Rebecca Miller