Jeanne-logy: Recipes Lie.

Hey there!  This is Rebecca to say that here is Jeanne's second installment in her Jeanne-ology series.  This week, she explains why recipes lie.  If you didn't know, this is Jeanne's mantra and a core philosophy in her life.  Also, I've just decided it should be the working title of the television show she so desperately deserves.  Enjoy!

Rebecca reminded me that it was my day to write the Jeanne-ology post today.  That was this morning.  She just called me at 5 p.m. and asked if I had sent her the blog post yet? There were a few seconds of silence and she said, "you forgot, didn't you?"  Why heavens no, I responded.  Rebecca knew I was fibbing and said I needed to get it done and, by the way, I should be funny! Really? That is her personality, not mine. I had just poured myself a wonderful glass of wine and now I would have to gulp it down quickly. I can't blog and drink at the time because my thoughts would get the best of me and I don't want to ponder the consequences of my rambling. In my world, 5 p.m. means stop! Like a red light for the end of the day. Stop what I'm doing and enjoy the rest of the evening. Now, since she decided to put a Jeanne-ology series on our blog page, I have to run the red light and come up with something to say. 

Let me start by saying that the majority of people don't cook.  The local grocery store can sell you packaged mashed potatoes and even pre-chopped salads.  All you have to do is put it in the microwave or open a bag and pour into a bowl.

I read where food buying trends are targeted for people who want to eat but don't want to put any effort in to prepare a meal.  A lot of people really don't understand the purpose of having a kitchen. They know they need a refrigerator because some things need to be kept cold. They look around amazed at the other appliances.  I have also noticed new homes are being built with smaller kitchens!  This proves my point that a lot of young people don't want to cook and would rather pick up an entire meal from the grocery store.  They can get gourmet meals already prepared.  The higher price doesn't make them flinch either.  Hey, if I don't have to cook, then it is worth the price. Enough said about the future of cooking, I just hope my great grandchildren don't groan when they hear their great grandmother had a kitchen in her house! 

For those willing to try to cook a particular dish, I give you one big clue:   RECIPES LIE!  Yep, you read it here first.  I'll tell you why, their recipes are complicated and are intended to intimidate.  I remember using a recipe from a major food magazine. The recipe was for a BLT soup.  Since the magazine was dedicated to true epicureans, I approached the recipe very carefully.  What major bunk!  They had me repeating steps that were useless!  Two hours later amid alot of mess, I started the recipe again but using some much needed common sense.  The soup was delicious and we served it at the original Peggy Jean's Pies.  Use common sense when reading a recipe.  Just because the recipe is on the web with raving reviews, still be skeptical.  How many recipes have I followed to the letter just to turn out mediocre?  How deflating it is to be excited about a new dish and it turn out so-so?  When this happens, I think whoever submitted the recipe wanted the accolades of bragging that their recipe is on the Internet.  However, a little tiny part of them doesn't want everyone to make this family favorite for themselves.  Maybe they omit an ingredient so that it will not turn our great.. 


Am I too cynical?  Maybe so, but I have heard some say they don't like to share recipes and if they do, the recipe is never complete.  Family recipes are handed down from one generation to another.  The recipes are precious and guarded close to their hearts.  If you never learn to cook, you will be missing one of the pleasantries in life.  Besides do you really want to overpay for a home style meal made in a factory from people you'll never see or know?

Rebecca tries more new recipes than I do.  Am I ever glad.  She is a great cook and I get to try new dishes.  She also never follows a recipe to the letter.  The way food is prepared and blended gives most good cooks their reputation.  They know what a dish needs to be good.  A pinch of this and that and magic happens. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Throw away your measuring spoons, a pinch or a dab is all your recipe needs.

Rebecca Miller