Five Things That Hardly Matter.


Yesterday, Jeanne and I were scheduled to do a photo shoot for a fun new project we are working on.  And then I woke up with a 101 degree fever for the first time in a long time and we had to cancel and reschedule the whole day because I looked about as terrible as I felt  (which was sad because I just ended up sleeping 11 hours and not getting fabulous new fake eyelashes as planned).  Though, I think I'll just start sending this picture instead to anyone that requests media kits from us because I think this sums us quite nicely...

Also, that's me on the right.  Clearly.


Here's a few other things up for consideration:

  1. We've had a lot of strange items in our dumpster before, like an old couch and a washing machine.  But today?  A WHOLE DOOR, WITH THE FRAME.  I take issue with this for two main reasons:  primarily) dumping an entire door and frame in someone's dumpster is weird (and rude), and b)  WHY???  why are you ripping a door off the wall and all the drywall around it and then loading it in your car and driving around until you find a dumpster that might hold it?  I'm going to need the backstory and further did you shove that mess in your Honda Civic, or what?
  2. Also, our dumpster is pretty janky, now that I look at it from this angle.  On behalf of our dumpster, I apologize for it's condition.  Also, it makes me wonder about dumpster replacement plans.  Is that a thing?  Is there a person in this city charged with knowing how long a dumpster has been used and then phasing out said dumpster?  Is that a line item on our city budget?  Is that why TIDs are so expensive in Columbia?  On occasion, my own mind can make me crazy.
  3. Speaking of crazy, you might be familiar with the term "mastermind" in relation to small business.  In short, several small business owners get together on a regular basis and talk about their businesses, their challenges, etc.  In the early days of PJP, I was invited to join one and I didn't because then we barely had time to breathe, much less sit down and talk to others.  And no one ever asked me again (which sounds like most of my high school years, so I'm used to it).  So, I'm thinking of starting my own MasterMind and I'm inviting those with entrepreneurial spirit that a) are willing to admit they don't always know what they are doing, b) agree that entrepreneurship is soul sucking at times, c) and are willing to listen and provide feedback without being determined they are right about everything in this world.  I am interested in fun people with a lot of perspective and insight and genuine interest in doing something notable with our time.  Also, what happens in MasterMind, stays in MasterMind...just as the good Lord and Brad Pitt intended.  Interested?  Email me at
  4. I feel like Brad Pitt is not part of a MasterMind.  Or clearly he would have just stayed with Jennifer Aniston because I could have told him that Angelina Jolie was a dubious choice.  Of course, Brad Pitt is also the kind that would have ignored me in high school so...
  5. We started selling Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream pints at PJP last week.  Or I should say that we started stocking ice cream, because we haven't sold a single one.  And this is why I need a MasterMind group because Jeanne and I have notoriously good ideas with lackluster execution.  Maybe we need some cute signs alerting everyone to the availability?  Remember when we bought that Cricut machine because we were going to make cute signs?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  So sweet to think we believe that would work out.