Pi(e) Day 2018 Recap...

There's no doubt that today was one for the PJP record books.  Here's how Pi(e) Day 2018 went for us:

  1. Well, to start with, today was particularly noteworthy because for the FIRST TIME EVER in PJP history, we had a line out our door for the majority of our day.  Wait times ranged from 30 minutes to over an hour, depending on the time of day.
  2. The first customers of the day started to stake their claim by the door a bit before 10 am, watching us intently through the windows as we furtively baked and boxed and put pies out on the shelves for our open at 10:30.
  3. The first round of pies out for sale were mostly gone by 10:45.  Gulp.  It felt as every bit as overwhelming as you would guess.
  4. From that point on, we just baked.  Seriously.  We just baked every single thing we could, consistently creating pies faster than our ovens could bake.  And then when a tray of hot pie came out of the oven, we just sold them off immediately...bypassing the cooling and sealing the boxes with our PJP stickers.
  5. My "Chaos Coordinator" shirt came in handy, because it felt chaotic each time the line reached 20 people or so deep.  And for all the people who had no idea Pi(e) Day was even a thing and just happened to stop by...goodness, can you imagine what they thought?
  6. Though, I was just thinking this afternoon that last year on spring break, I waited an hour to get in The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile and now we had people waiting an hour just to buy pie from us.
  7. Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic.  It's been a long day.
  8. And we can't even say enough kind words about our customers today.  Almost everyone was an absolute delight and just there to have fun with Pi(e) Day.  Even those sweet souls who showed up throughout the day with a list of their favorite pies...to only discover the reality that we only had available what we had just pulled from the oven.
  9. Oh, and Team PJP?  Well, they were the rock stars of today.  They all worked so hard all day and most importantly, we all worked so well together.  We always do, but when you add a lot of pressure to a work environment and only get even better performance, GAH...SO PROUD.
  10. And when you look at all the numbers, we outpaced last year by almost 40%.  I remember thinking last year that we had made all the pies humanly possible...and here we are this year, 40% MORE PIES?  #WORLDPIEDOMINATION