Long Story Short.

So...if you curious about how the day before Pi(e) Day went down at PJP today, I'll tell you this:  around lunchtime, I helped a customer carry a lot of pies out to her car.  And once we had them all stowed away safely and she got in her car to drive away, I seriously thought to myself "if I got in started to walk away now, how long would it take for someone on Team PJP to notice?"

(Spoiler alert...when I went back in and told Katie about my scenario, she immediately said "oh, it would take about 13 seconds".  PREACH IT.)

To make a long story very short, just know that we baked HUNDREDS of pies today and still were completely sold out by the late afternoon.  We also baked for some very large orders that will leave our store early in the morning.  And in full disclosure, my Apple watch dinged several times to remind me to take some deep breaths when it noted a rapid increase in my heart rate (directly related to the anxiety that comes with wanting to have every pie in stock in every flavor so as to not disappoint anyone, honestly).

So there's no doubt that 100% of Team PJP on the schedule today went home and was a little...

And the rest is needed because tomorrow...oh goodness, TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE EPIC.  I think I'll just skip tomorrow morning's baking schedule and we will just operate on the theory of "BAKE EVERYTHING YOU CAN JUST AS FAST AS YOU CAN".

And finally...we have a young super fan celebrating a birthday today (psst...Happy Birthday, Jack!).  For one of his presents, his mom is bringing him to next week's Epic Pie Tasting.  Today, she presented him with the news and sent me the video (and it really was exactly what I needed to see after this long day to remind myself that all of this does actually matter, even when it feels overwhelming).  Enjoy Jack's reaction...