Instagram Worthy.

Well, I likely speak for all of Team PJP when I say that I'm about 37% recovered from last week's Pi(e) Day celebration.  We were exceptionally busy on the days following Pi(e) Day, giving us little time to catch our breath and rest our whisking elbows before moving on busy baking schedules.  I would need another seven days off (at least) to be 100% ready to go and since #WorldPieDomination waits for no one, let's just talk about what is coming our way in the next weeks...

  1. Epic Pie Tasting is scheduled for this Wednesday evening.  I believe there are two tickets or so still available, which you can make yours by calling the store tomorrow to reserve.  The upside to us all working away together last week for hours and hours is that we had some time to discuss our menu for this event.  It promises to be as fun as always, with some crazy new ideas coming your way.
  2. I'll be speaking at The Hatchery on Thursday evening as part of the Women in Biz Live Panel with the owners of Nourish Cafe.  We will chat some about finding balance in life when growing a business.  I won't promise to have all the answers, but I will have some thoughts to share.  And I promise I'll be completely honest about all the ways I struggle with balance in my own life and how my endless need to compare myself to others makes everything ALL THE MORE DIFFICULT.
  3. Which, honestly, is such a byproduct of the world we live in, right?  You know who is completely unaffected by the goings on of social media? Jeanne.  I can spend 10 minutes on Instagram and be able to write a dissertation on our underperformance as a company in comparison to others and she will actually tell me she just doesn't care what other people are doing.  Is this because she's Jeanne or is this because she is 64?  (I'm really refraining from making a which came first, the chicken/the egg/Hatchery pun here, by the way.)
  4. But what she does care about is that next week, 90% of Team PJP has something planned for spring break (that doesn't include baking pies)...which leaves us with Jeanne, myself, and Emily for the majority of the week.  She's more worried about the long days.  I'm more obsessed with the whole notion that if I were a better manager, I wouldn't end up 90% short staffed.  If you ever wanted to know the difference in the way we each think, look no further.
  5. But, we will survive as we always manage to do.  And then it will be Easter weekend before we know it.  Last Thursday in my post Pi(e) Day haze, we kept getting orders for March 31st and my brain couldn't figure it out until it hit me...lots of meringue pies on order + last Saturday in March = Easter weekend.  We do make an Instagram worthy meringue though, so there is that.