Meet Jeanne.

A few months ago, I wrote a brief introduction for myself and published here, with the goal of it eventually ending up on a companion site.  In revisiting that goal, I reminded Jeanne that she also needed to write an introduction.  After some nagging, I'm happy to present you with this! - Rebecca What About Me?

Rebecca has long been telling me that I need to do a piece on who I am to place on our website heading "About Us".  That seems to be a small request from me since she does all the blogging and all I have to do is read it when it's posted.  She said it only take five minutes of your time, but I am not a blogger and certainly can't describe myself easily.

I asked our employees for any adjective they would use to describe me. These are some  of their thoughts (and it includes my husband's and Rebecca's input).  I did not agree with all of them!  The first one is bossy (maybe, because I see things that need to be done and I have a habit of reminding everyone to make sure they do the task), but that's not bossy, is it?  Not focused or too focused depending on what I am doing.  If I am concentrating on doing something I enjoy, I don't hear them calling my name. They all mentioned a hearing aid, but I think when I am fifty feet away from them, standing next to a running dishwasher, it is hard to hear.  Razor blades lover is another thing they mentioned about me.  I do have to agree with them.  Razor blades are the handiest little gadgets to clean anything that is stuck or or hard to remove on ovens, floors, etc..  My husband calls me "sergeant" because I want things to be neat and tidy and of course I want it done ASAP!  I grew up with loud talkers, so of course, he accuses me of barking out orders.

I love to read how-to books.  I also love wood working and dogs.  Oh, I also love Gunsmoke because you don't have guess what is right and what is wrong about the character actions.

I love my family and like to kid around with them.  My son-in-law is really fun to joke around with.  He loves my puns (my favorite) and the grandkids moan while I laugh at my own jokes.  Rebecca rolls her eyes.

So draw your own conclusions about who I am.  Am I the razor blade carrying sergeant looking to clean a dirty spot while barking out orders to everyone or a woman with a new pun everyday to cheer up the gang while I laugh myself silly telling my own joke?

As I see it, I am a gently aging, wiser older woman that people seek for advice, eager to always help and never tiring.  Maybe I should write a how-to book for this.