Am I?

If you are relatively new to PJP, you might not know that we are closed on Sundays and Mondays each week.  And you would think that the break would give us a straight up surplus of time to watch Poldark while wearing pajama pants at noon on Mondays (or Gunsmoke, if this is Jeanne's scenario).  But basically, it just means that I use Monday to do all the stuff that needs to be done for the week ahead.  And that's precisely how I ended up seeing no less than four people I knew while at Sam's today with a cart full of 300 plastic forks and 12 whole chickens that we will roast tomorrow.  I have a glamorous life, don't I?

Here's the latest PJP news...

  1. Pi(e) Day is EIGHT days away.  And like before any big event, I'm equal parts anxious and terrified and excited.  As always, I want us to bake more than last year with less stress than last year.  I'm not setting high expectations, am I?
  2. And believe it or not, we only have nine months left on our lease in our current location.  I need to look into what is involved in renewing the lease, but I fear it requires a notarized letter written in blood, a lock of hair from my first born child, a sworn statement to not mock the pothole filling methods, and a 10% increase in rent (minimum).  I'm not overdramatic, am I?
  3. I started following the #pie hashtag on Instagram and OH MY much to compare myself to.  I probably could have watched an hour of Poldark today if I hadn't wasted the time going 58 weeks back into the Instagram account of some pie company in southern California and then meticulously noting all the ways I can improve what we do.  I'm not insecure, am I?
  4. I'll be speaking at the Mizzou law school on Thursday about my non-traditional use of my law degree.  I think I'll leave out the part about when I told Behind-the-Scenes Jason that I was quitting my job to bake pies with my mom, his face actually drained of all his color and he turned a bit green.  I'm not withholding too much, am I?
  5. We have a busy weekend ahead, hosting a baking party on Saturday after we close for 45 sorority girls and their moms.  And if you are curious about how accommodating 45 people works, it basically means we are going to host two parties back-to-back.  I'm not afraid of a challenge, am I?