Well, to start with, I must say that I absolutely ADORED Jeanne's post yesterday.  While it took a significant amount of nagging on my part to get her to do it, it was well worth it to read what she had to say about herself.  My only edits are this:  sometimes I actually DO laugh at her puns and not just roll my eyes AND her Gunsmoke obsession is out of control.  Lord help us all if that sucker hits Netflix or Hulu...we will never see her again.

On our agenda today was to bake a lot of pies for the store, bake a lot of pies for shipping, and roast chicken for a much in-demand round of chicken pot pie.  And because we've been doing this for a while now (FORTY-SEVEN MONTHS, HOLLA)...we know that dividing and conquering is often the best way to approach a big day.  So, I worked from early this morning until mid-afternoon and did all my daily tasks, such as making the baking schedule, balancing the register and the Quickbooks, printing shipping labels, baking pies, boxing pies, waiting on customers, answering emails, being interviewed by a student doing a capstone paper, and the list goes on and on.  And Jeanne turned 30 pounds of roast chicken into homemade pot pie.  And there's no doubt in my mind that I got the better end of the deal today.  Because you know who doesn't want to debone and chop 30 pounds of chicken?  ME.  (And well, I guess a lot of people because we sell an astounding amount of pot pie.  By late afternoon, several people even hovered at the front of the store and waited as she finished it all out.)

So while I didn't get to see her much today, we did talk on the phone several times and she actually texted me back twice (which is rare since she hates texting, but we were discussing puppies).  And when we traded off the captain's hat for PJP mid-afternoon, we did remind each other that Pi(e) Day is just one short week away.  And this is actually the most stressful part because we are close enough to know that we have a lot to do, but too far from the actual date to be doing anything noteworthy about it.  So we are just making a plan for next week and low-key obsessing about it.

Which, now that I think about it, "Low-Key Obsessing" would be a great name for an entrepreneurial advice book.  Unless Jeanne is my target audience and then maybe I'd be better suited to choose "What Would Marshall Dillion Do?"