I Was Thinking.

After being almost obnoxiously slow yesterday, we rebounded nicely today with a busy start to March.  And even in the midst of it all, it worked out that I was at PJP for an hour or so by myself and that is a rare (read: delightful) opportunity these days.  And while I could have done a lot of things, I boxed pies because a) it needed to be done, and b) there's no better time to think about your pie store than while you box the pies.

And it won't surprise you that I thought about how special PJP is.  And also, how difficult she is.  We are considering a move away from our linen company in favor of black aprons with our logo embroidered on them.  This will save us around $2,000 a year in rental fees, but more importantly it will make us look a bit more cohesive as a team.  On the downside, someone has to wash all those aprons and towels.  And honestly, sometimes the amount of laundry created by the people that live in my house makes me want to get in my car and drive far far away until they just go buy all new replacement socks and underwear.  So in a second layer of honesty, it would be Jeanne that would have to wash those 100 dish towels we use every week, even the ones we use to soak up a spill of blackberry juice.  (Though, would you be surprised if here is where I mentioned that she really loves pre-treating stains?  Stain removal is in her wheelhouse.)

So really what I was thinking was that sometimes life is such a surprise...because I never thought 20 years ago that I would own a pie shop with my mother.  Or that I would put some extensive thought into the cost of laundered linens or what embroidered aprons say about our branding message or if ball caps with our logo would be a legit addition or step too far into looking like we are trying too hard.  Cohesive is a solid goal.  Looking like we work at Long John Silver's is not.

Let's all be thankful I was only alone for an hour.  Had I been given another, I would have been low-key scrolling the rental websites for commercial spaces in St. Louis.  And then how would we even figure out what those employees would wear????