For Posterity's Sake...

Well, there won't be much to say about our Wednesday at PJP, as it actually ranked as our slowest day of sales since the start of 2018.  Which is just a solid reminder that even though it feels sorta warm out, it's still winter.  And regardless of the season, Wednesdays remain our consistently slowest day of the week.  Which is always odd to me because WHY WEDNESDAY?  (I actually just googled "slowest day of the week for retail sales" which told me nothing really except reading reddit threads are a good way to get seriously distracted by the random stuff people share on the interwebs.) And after all the listings of sites discussing sales trends, a whole page of sites came up with gimmicks to increase sales on particular days.  And you know who doesn't care?  Me.  I can't get on board with "White Chocolate Wednesday" or "Winter Sale-A-Bration Wednesday" because it all smacks of a poorly thought out local television channel ad.  Also, it shouts to the world that we straight up want more people in the store on Wednesday and that smacks of desperation.  So I'm just going to low key say here that Wednesdays are the worst and I'm going to make peace with it.  (But, in all honesty, I don't super care about today because we finished our month at 18.7% over February 2017, so HOLLA.)

Also, the packed full half-price table on Thursday morning totally redeems the ennui of Wednesday.  So there's that as well.

Otherwise, we shipped a lot of Jelly Jar pies to a host of random destinations.  And I took a brief rumspringa right on out of PJP to have a meeting off-site to discuss something very exciting for PJP that is in the works.  It's not ripe for discussion quite yet, but it is going to be such a good story eventually.  (Spoiler Alert...we aren't breaking up, we aren't buying a new building, and we aren't flying out to California to make pies for Oprah in her kitchen.  But if we were asked, Oprah, WE TOTALLY WOULD.)

In the interim, we are going to start in our planning our epic Pi(e) Day extravaganza.  And take pictures of our half-filled pothole, for posterity's sake.