Don't Be Alarmed.

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I think I've finally mastered Quickbooks.  Not in some sort of "I'm going to give advice to others" sort of way, but more in an "oh, I finally see how it all works together to give me valuable information".  And yo, it only took me almost FOUR years to reach this point.

And not that my delay is because Quickbooks is particularly difficult, but more because I tend to vehemently avoid anything I don't find particularly interesting.  And honestly, that's a fairly garbage reason for not doing stuff that I could easily do, right?  So I decided that I would just figure it out and it only took a few hours and 41,000 questions until the puzzle started to come together.  My dedication to it is sort of out of sorts for me.  I'm going to chalk it up to the intrigue of learning something new and pray to goodness that it lasts.

In other brief news,

  1. A public relations firm from Dallas emailed me today to ask who does our PR.  Bwahahahahahahhaha...that would be me, when I'm not doing 112 other things.  Which is basically what I said, and it felt super awkward.
  2. And this has nothing to do with anything, but for you podcast fans, I can't tell you how much I love The Arc Stories.  If you like random stories told by people you don't know about pivotal points in their lives, go subscribe now.  I'm so here for the art of good storytelling and if we were remotely close to Birmingham, I would be front row for one of the live events.  (Quickbooks, no...but a 15 minute story about how you asked someone to prom in 2009 by making a mix CD and ultimately humiliating yourself.)
  3. I just realized that March 1st is Thursday and time only seems to go faster lately.  Do we realize that PJP will be FOUR in April? Goodness.  I feel like if PJP were a person (and she basically is), she would have one more solid year at home before venturing off to kindergarten.  So maybe I need to get some very big things in line for PJP, like a second store somewhere.  I don't know where.
  4. Though, I'm the very one lamenting how flat worn out I was by the end of last week, so what do I even know?
  5. Today I watched the grounds crew for our complex spend 15 minutes mixing up some asphalt paste and filling up half the pothole before driving off and just leaving the other half of the pothole empty.  SO.  MANY.  QUESTIONS.  Maybe I'll apply to be on Arc Stories to share my knowledge of half-filling potholes...