Because We Love You.

As we anticipated, we were steadily busy all day today with early Valentine's Day purchases of pie (and even a few pie servers and tea towels, holla).  And thankfully, it finally feels like this holiday helps us pull a bit away from the long and slow, dreary days of January.  Once we work through Valentine's, Pi(e) Day is just around the corner and my distain for the post-holiday period will finally feel like a distant memory.  (Until it rolls around next year, anyway.  I never stop thinking about you, January.) Truthfully, I am completely giddy for tomorrow because Emily will set up early for her Sugarberry Blooms Valentine's Day pop-up shop and I know that PJP is going to look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING by 8 am.  In short, I'll be drinking my coffee in a floral wonderland, making my life feel like a Norah Ephon movie for a hot second.  (Also, I'm 100% certain that my thinly veiled hints to Behind-The-Scenes Jason worked in my favor, so I can't wait to see what Emily created just for me.)

If you are passing on notes to your Valentine about how exactly to go about this tomorrow, we suggest texting him or her with reminders several times throughout the morning, perhaps including the pie emoji + the flowers emoji = the heart emoji.  Or just start your own blog tonight and drop several hints through your writing (I find this works for me.  Ahem).  Or @ your Valentine on our Instagram (this method has been discussed amongst Team PJP members hopeful to receive an arrangement from their significant others and we feel it may work well in the long run).  At any rate, here are the details.

(I often wonder if PJP could pop up somewhere unique and interesting for a day or so.  And then we have a day in our store when it all goes off the rails and I think "welp, maybe we should just keep ourselves contained in these four walls for now."  But the thought is super nice.  And intriguing.)

So the plan for tomorrow is to make a lot of pie, including Valentine favorites like White Chocolate Strawberry, French Silk, Cherry, Chocolate Cream, and more.  And not distractingly make a fuss over every arrangement that Emily sells because they will all be amazing and we will be super excited for the recipient.  We can get carried away sometimes, but it's only because we love you...