All You Need...

Today I participated in something I have publicly stated I would never actually do...MAKE A VISION BOARD.  In my defense, my super crafty 12 year old daughter lured me in with her stacks of glossy magazines, piles of washi tape, and a return promise of letting me watch Poldark while we worked.  And honestly, who wouldn't be down for that?

And look, the only thing I really figured out about myself and my vision for the future is that I better put the hustle on #worldpiedomination because I have a seemingly out-of-control obsession with exotic travel and high-end solid stone kitchen countertops.  And puppies.  Here are the only other things I know for sure...

  1. My schedule at PJP this week is with riddled with meetings.  And you know what I don't love?  Meetings.
  2. When I was working in my planner (which sounds terribly more impressive than the half-hearted reality), I noted that Pi(e) Day is only a few short weeks away.  As always, we will discount all freshly baked pies by $3.14 on Pi(e) Day.  And party like it is 1999.  Just to make it official, I'll create an event on Facebook with all the details.  Which is very un-1999, now that I think about it.
  3. Someone called last week to complain that their pie box indicated the baby pie was six ounces, but they were certain the baby pie was actually more like 12 or 14 ounces.  After I explained that the FDA requires only that we list the minimum threshold weight, the person still seemed baffled at why it was actually MORE.  And I'm still baffled thinking about their righteous indignation that they received more than they were promised.  If you see a one-star review pop up on Facebook indicating the pie was double the weight they were promised, now you know.
  4. But in keeping most people happy, we've also sold a solid amount of tea towels in the past week.  In fact, everyone likes the refrigerator display so much that we've cancelled the display unit on backorder.  Here's our best selling towel so far, because apparently I'm not the only one with visions of puppies cut out and glued on a foam board.
  5. And finally, my sweet family gifted me with the Pioneer Woman Leather Tote last week.  And I only mention it here because many of you are Pioneer Woman Super Fans like myself and I'm here to say that THIS BAG DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.  I'm using it as a bag for my computer and other items I carry back and forth between home and PJP more so than a purse, but it could work well for either.  (The Pioneer Woman didn't disclaim how many ounces it could hold, so there is that at least...)