We Improvised.

This morning we finally unpacked our tea towels and we are happy to report that they were TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT. That said, the display unit we ordered for them is on backorder with an unknown shipping date...so we just improvised.  (Because goodness knows that neither Jeanne nor I could look at those towels and say "welp, let's just pack them back up until the display unit arrives".  Patience is not in our skill set.)  Which is precisely how we got to the current situation....

I'm happy to mark "buy and marginally display tea towels" off my to-do list, especially since it has just been lingering there for two years or so.        PROGRESS, PEOPLE.

There have been a few who have asked about how we came to choose tea towels as something to sell and how we decided which ones we wanted to put in the store.  And here is our rationale...they are so cute and if I stopped by a store that I enjoyed visiting and saw the "I love Jesus (but I cuss a little)" towel, I would just start throwing my cash at it.  Have I mentioned I make most of my decisions based on my emotions?

I will say that it is good that we only have 1,050 very packed square feet of space available to us, or goodness knows what else we would purchase.  For about 15 minutes today, we were giving some very focused attention to some very adorable throw pillows.  We talked ourselves down because you know what we don't have room for at PJP Buttonwood?  Adorable throw pillows.

But for the record, they were really cute.