Well, today was as about as interesting as you might guess for a cold and 50% chance of snow sort of Tuesday.  Which is to say it wasn't really interesting at all.  We did roll out a new electronic rewards system over the weekend and it replaces our current punchcard system.  Now, you'll enter your phone number each time you visit us and after five visits, you'll receive 15% off your purchase and after 10 purchases, you'll receive a free baby pie.  We are moving on up in the world (like George and Weezy).

So here are a few things to make up for the lack of anything else interesting...

  1. We have super cute tea towels arriving tomorrow via UPS.  It's legit going to be the highlight of my whole week.  Guess who is lame enough to track the box twice today?  ME.
  2. You know who still hasn't moved the old refrigerator out of the storefront to make way for said tea towels?  ME.
  3. You know who is going to ask Mac to stop baking and assemble the tea towel display unit immediately after it arrives?  ME.  (Though, you know who doesn't read this blog?  Mac.)
  4. Although it hardly seems possible, Valentine's Day is a week from tomorrow.  We are super excited to announce that Sugarberry Blooms will do a pop-up at PJP from 10:30 until 1:30 on Wednesday, February 14th and it will basically be AHHMAZING.  You know who is using this as thinly veiled attempted to remind Behind-The-Scenes Jason to text Emily and order a lovely arrangement?  ME.
  5. Pesky Disclaimer:  We will work hard to stock the store, but if your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/child/best friend/neighbor/teacher, etc has a favorite, we recommend pre-ordering for Valentine's Day pickup.  You know who feels awful when someone cries because we are sold out of everything at closing time?  ME.