Our Villagers.

You might think that after working long hours together in a small space, we might sort of get tired of each other at PJP.  SPOILER ALERT:  WE DON'T.  And so, most of Team PJP came over to my house yesterday afternoon for a Super Bowl party and we had the best time, like we hadn't even already spent all week together.  (When I think about our original goals for PJP in our early stages of planning, creating a team of people that are kind and fun and just like our family probably wasn't even a goal that we could identify with words...or anything that we could identify as a necessary piece of our story.  But it is, so prospective entrepreneurs take note:  it takes a village to run a business and it is so much more fun if you like your villagers.) And like most things at PJP, we kept ourselves pretty low-key yesterday.  We ate a lot of pork carnitas and for the most of us, only watching Justin Timberlake at halftime was on the agenda.  (On a side note, if you are thinking "pork carnitas?  yes, please!"...I can't recommend Gimme Some Oven's recipe enough.  A blogger I follow recommended it and YES, TIMES MILLION.)  (On a second side note, Jeanne got me an Instant Pot for Christmas and if you care, I'm a fan so far.  Though, in full disclosure, I almost pee my pants every time I turn the pressure valve at the end because I have irrational pressure cooker explosion fear.)  (On a third side note, the 22 year old me would be disappointed that the 42 year old me got an Instant Pot for Christmas and was happy about it.  True story.)

While a few people watched the game, the rest of us played Speak Out...that game where you put a plastic piece in your mouth that keeps you from moving your lips and then you have to struggle to say phrases like "the chicken was clucking and bucking", which is as ridiculous as you would guess when you can't move your lips.  I recommend only playing this will people who won't think twice if they think you are saying a dirty word.  And also aren't horrified by corn salsa remnants in your teeth.  Add that to your list of villager requirements.

So that was yesterday.  And now that we've cleaned up and had time to recover, the weather has gotten terrible and school is cancelled for tomorrow...leaving Jeanne and I totally unsure what to do about our day and our storefront.  I guess we will wait for the weatherperson to give some guidance.  Let's just hope it is more clear than "the chicken was clucking and bucking".