Highlight Of My Day.

There's almost ALWAYS something interesting happening at PJP and the last 48 hours has not disappointed.  Let's discuss.

  1. Jeanne FaceTimed me today from JoAnn's, which is worth noting because it was her first self-initiated FaceTime call EVER.  Whatever else happens in 2018 will fall short of Jeanne's significant technical advancement (even if she did try to flip the camera during the call and instead took 37 pictures of herself).  I feel like perhaps this has ripped a hole in a time space continuum and now she will start FaceTiming me from the dairy section at Aldi's to discuss butter prices or from the Sam's to ask if we need more bourbon.  It will just be all FaceTime all the time from here on out and I can't wait.
  2. She went to JoAnn's so that she could find a cute container for the pie servers that were delivered yesterday.  (Though, they were delivered to my house and you know the UPS guy was curious about a 40 pound box marked "PIE SERVERS" delivered to a residence.)  Could just be us, but we are in love...
  3. Last night we held our January Epic Pie Tasting event and shared one of the best tasting menus we've ever created.  As always, we had a seriously great time and the clear winners of the evening were a Chocolate Orange pie and a White Chocolate Raspberry pie that will be swoon worthy for Valentine's Day.  And I even was asked to sign someone's pie box, which was the highlight of my day.
  4. But the highlight of today (besides the FaceTiming) was the notification that Buzzfeed has again shown up some love with the 29 Subscription Boxes That Are Like Getting A Present Every Month list.  What's notable and particularly special about this list is that we are included with companies like Stitch Fix, Birch Box, Care/Of, and more...all super famous and impressive companies.  Insert all the dancing people emojis here.
  5. Though now that I think about it, those very same companies likely also spent the afternoon looking at the list and thought "huh...pies...never heard Peggy Jean's".  But that's ok, because we are getting there...one FaceTime call, one pie server, and one autographed pie box at a time.