No Interest.

Well, I am pleased to report that all of the fears I had of returning last week from holiday break to single digit sales days DID NOT HAPPEN.

Goodness knows I'm happy to mark that worry off my list.  If you stopped by to see us, thank you times one million.

We were, actually, the delightful sort of busy that allowed for Team PJP to have plenty to do.  And I quickly ran out of excuses to not do all the junk I've been putting off for months under the blanket defense of "yeah, I'm too busy to deal with that right now".  (Though, I fully reserve the right to use that excuse as needed, independent of the validity at the time given.)

And after I worked for a few hours, I realized that there was so much stuff still on my list left that I really just don't want to do.  Straight up, just no interest.  Here's the short list:

  1. Participate in any conversation about SEO.  I should care.  I should care so so so so much because the world says that SEO is important and that no business thrives without SEO.  But I've never participated in any conversation with any person that knows anything about SEO that was even remotely interesting or compelling.  At this point, I would be down for one that isn't full of acronyms and mansplaining.
  2. Add branded merchandise, such as pie servers, to PJP Buttonwood.  That seems easy, right?  But it isn't because there are 1.8 million companies that offer that service on approximately 2.3 million different pie servers.  And when I'm given too many options, I just give up and look at my Instagram feed at all the amazing things other people are doing in this world and think "welp, self, you can't even make a pie server decision".  Don't you wish you were me?
  3. And speaking of Instagram, I should probably learn to hashtag like a professional by thinking of every single word that my image is related to that someone might search for on the app.  I've even read tips wherein a professional recommends you select your top 15 hashtags and then save them in your notes and then just cut and paste each time you post to Instagram.  Which, frankly, sounds like a lot of pressure and commitment and designed for people who are vastly less lazy than those who just post "#worldpiedomination" on every single thing.
  4. Streamline our ordering process to eliminate unnecessary trips to Hyvee.  Our food supply company has moved to online ordering, which allows me to look through the catalogue without bugging our account representative with odd texts like "hey, how many pounds of chickens do you have to buy at once?".  Our biggest Hyvee run is for bananas, so when I look that up I see that we can get 40 pounds of green bananas for $31.40 or 10 pounds of fresh bananas for $15.55 and I suddenly feel like I'm on an episode of Price Is Right.  And then $1.55 seems high for a pound of bananas but if I didn't have to go buy them, does that justify it?  If I could choose would I be a contestant with Bob Barker as the host or with Drew Carey as the host?  (I feel like Bob might care more about the banana issue.)
  5. Find a bag that fits our nine-inch pie box that isn't as tall as the current bag that we use.  The current bag is great if someone buys three or four pies, but a waste of space if someone only buys one pie.  I'm mainly just avoiding this task because it requires measuring and thinking and it is way early in the year for that.  And give me a few weeks and I'll get a bee in my bonnet about having bags with our logo printed on them, as I do at least once a year until I look up the cost per bag and have a reality check.  I'm planning that for late January so this month goes out with a bang...

Maybe I better bake tomorrow.