Just Saying.

Welp, I'll tell you that not a single interesting thing happened at PJP Buttonwood today.  NOT ONE SINGLE INTERESTING THING.  And considering that just this time last week we were wrapping up our biggest baking day of the year, some might argue that a slow day here and there might not be the worst thing for us.  I'll take a hard pass on that opinion though, as we are at our very best when we are completely inundated with too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Here's what happens when we aren't crazy busy...Jeanne decides she will be our deejay for the day.  The rest of us then threaten to walkout if she chooses the CoffeeHouse channel on Spotify AGAIN because it's her favorite and she will listen to the sounds of Michael Bublé for a sweet forever if someone doesn't put a stop to it.  But then she announces that it is ok if we don't want Coffeehouse because Toby Keith has been on her mind.  I know, I don't understand either.  (Sorry, Toby.)

But then Jeanne confiscated Mac's ear buds so that he couldn't tune out our group conversation OR Toby's Beer For My Horses, so he made an ear wrap out of a towel.  And this is why we do better when we have several hundred pies to bake.  Just saying.

(I also had ample time to stew around about Kickstarter and run the possible funding scenarios in my head.  We are 24% funded with 16 days to go!  Thanks again for all the generous support!)