One of the things that you should know about Jeanne is that she will, on occasion, just decide to do some sort of major project on a COMPLETE AND TOTAL WHIM.  So I wasn't surprised in the least when she called me on Saturday night to tell me that she had up and gone to PJP Buttonwood that afternoon and painted and labeled our entire pie display unit.  You know, as one just decides to do at the tail end of our busiest week of the year.  And here's the transformation...

A few things of note...

  1. The new color is Benjamin Moore's Bone Black, which is an awesome name, right? (And also the color of my dining room, so we already knew we loved it).  There is a little more work to be done overall, but it already makes the space in our storefront look much lighter and more open.
  2. I did go in yesterday afternoon to help Jeanne put all the letters for each pie flavor on each cubby.  But I only lasted about thirty minutes before I wanted to straight up lose my mind when peeling off the letters and lining them up perfectly.  (Not surprisingly, she thought the activity was "fun" and encouraged me to leave her there to work on it, probably because I was swearing under my breath every time I dropped an r sticker on the floor, which was surprisingly more than you would guess.)
  3. Emily of Sugarberry Blooms is going to do a popup at PJP next Saturday, December 9th for custom handmade evergreen holiday wreaths.  And if you follow Emily on Instagram, then you are probably fangirling right now at the mere thought of what one of her wreaths might look like in your house for the holiday season.  More details coming soon, but know now that you can't miss out on this event.  (Plus she is making me a custom evergreen garland for my fireplace mantel and I'm giddy just thinking about it.)
  4. Starting tomorrow through the end of December, anyone who purchases $50 in gift cards will receive a free baby pie of their choice.  Have several people on your list to buy for?  Knock them all out at once with the gift of pie and then literally eat your favorite baby pie for free while marking their names of your list and checking it twice.
  5. Feast Magazine ran a great little article about our Kickstarter campaign and you can read it here.  (Speaking of Kickstarter, we are 24% funded as of tonight for a total of $4,391 with 17 days to go!)