So, here we are on the first Monday in December and we are staring in the face of the busiest non-holiday week at PJP ever.  Gulp.  And I could tell you the total number of things that need to be assembled, baked, and out the door of our storefront over the course of this week, but it doesn't even matter.  Just know it is A LOT.  And between us, I'm a little scared.

Here's what else has been going on...

  1. Let's start with a Kickstarter update.  At this point, you either a) are super invested (pun totally intended) to see how this turns out in the next 12 days and are just waiting to make your pledge until the very end...or, b) you don't even care as long as I shut up about it in 12 days and never discuss it again.  Honestly, either is fair.  We are 38% funded at $6,920 as of this. very. second.
  2. We signed some paperwork today to have a new merchandising cooler and freezer delivered to PJP.  It will be delivered any time in the next two to 12 business days.  So basically for the next 12 days, I'll be obsessing about Kickstarter and watching diligently for any sort of semi truck that looks like it might be delivering expensive refrigeration.  Awesome.
  3. Which reminds me, I ordered something via Amazon for a Christmas present that is being delivered via semi truck on December 21st.  Except I got a notification that it shipped last Thursday...for delivery on the 21st.  So what is it doing for 21 days on the truck?  I feel like following that truck around would make for a great podcast episode, unless I'm the only one interested in pointless shipping knowledge.  Regardless, either the Christmas gift or the refrigerator/freezer is going to show up first at PJP, thus making my December forever "that one where two semi trucks delivered me stuff".
  4. For one order this week, we need to bake 358 baby pies and then box them and include some sort of holiday decoration.  Jeanne is fearless when considering such a task and says I'm overthinking it, but all I can see is us tying red and green ribbons at 1:30 in the morning around baby pie boxes.  And if you ever wanted to know the difference between us, she would tie a ribbon and I would buy the kind with the sticky back that fall off immediately.
  5. Sugarberry Bloom's Holiday Pop-Up is officially scheduled for this Saturday from 10:30 until 2:30 at PJP Buttonwood.  Emily will have fresh evergreen wreaths, swags, and greenery bundles available for purchase.  If you want to make your house look next level nice this holiday season, Emily is your person.  She's basically amazing.  (Also, she is bringing 358 springs of greenery to help decorate the baby pie boxes this week.  And if you ever want to know the difference between us, Emily brings sprigs of greenery and artistic vision and I would just never in a million years think of something so festive and adorable, opting for a holiday sticker sheet from the Big Lots.  Thank goodness for Jeanne and Emily, right?)