Let's Buy A Pie Truck...(Seriously).

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We love this truck for the 41,000 reasons I've discussed previously...and if you'll read through our Kickstarter, you'll get a refresher course in what makes this truck the next step in #WorldPieDomination.  Basically though, this truck is cute and fully equipped to sell PJP in venues and destinations everywhere.

And let's break it down to the facts...we need to raise $18,000 by December 16th.  If you are willing to help, we have rewards like you can't even imagine, plus our never-ending love and gratitude...and a stake in the #WPD movement that lasts forever (and that's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark).

Be sure to take a moment to read our campaign and watch the video.  It's basically just the best (and be sure to linger for the outtakes at the end...I promise you will love it.)  Whatever happens in the next 30 days, this campaign and video captures PJP at this moment in our history and for that, we will forever love it.