Four Hours.

So, today at PJP was, well...EXHAUSTING.  We baked so many pies for our store, plus made frozen pies for pickup, and then baked and packaged 55 six packs of Jelly Jars to be shipped all around the country (and before you whip out your calculators, that's 330 jars).  Also?  Our phone rang 31 million times today, give or take a few times. And honestly, we were sort of winning over the entire day until I couldn't figure out how to do a batch upload of shipping addresses to UPS and had to manually enter the information for each shipping label and then print each shipping label...which took about FOUR HOURS.  I'm not even kidding you right now.  I have serious plans to angry tweet UPS later just to make myself feel like my righteous indignation is heard.  (Also, is there an easier way than entering the information one-by-one on the UPS website?  Probably.  Should it take a degree from the DeVry Institute of Technology to figure it out?  Absolutely not.)

And in the best moment of irony ever, the phone rang as the last shipping label spit out of the printer and it was someone with questions about shipping 75 six-packs the week after Thanksgiving.  Dear UPS, I might has well start the labels right now so that I can take full advantage of the two week lead time.  Sincerely, Annoyed.

So I might be a little dramatic about the whole incident because while it took a sweet forever to get those suckers labeled for UPS drop off, you wouldn't have to look too far back in the PJP history books to know that not long ago we would have been struggling to even bake 330 jars...much less worry about packaging those suckers.  Even a year ago, we would have been baking up to the very last minute and then in a total panic about boxing them and labeling them.  Today, we finished relatively early and most of the afternoon was my slow seethe on the UPS website.  Frustrating?  Yes.  A huge step in PJP maturity?  Absolutely yes.

I did manage to do something else today rather noteworthy...I submitted our Kickstarter campaign for review and received the approval to make the campaign go live.  That all happened while most of Team PJP was fighting to the death with tape guns and shipping boxes.  And then the late afternoon and early evening felt chaotic.  And then I needed to work on Thanksgiving orders and it just never felt tomorrow is the day.

I just can't even wait to show you the video that Marshall of Byler Media created.  It is hilarious and ridiculous and all the fun we have together each day at PJP really shines through.  Holla to our #BuyThatTruck campaign...I think you are going to like it.

PS...while Kickstarter will go live, the Thanksgiving order forms will go down.  We've reached scary big numbers for next week and I think we all need a few days to process all the information.  Plus what if it takes me FOUR HOURS to make that report?