How Could You Not?

So, by the time a number of you read this, the link to order frozen pies for Thanksgiving pickup will be gone from our website.  I spent a solid few hours this evening entering orders and thinking about numbers versus what can ultimately be produced in our space over the next few days before the required November 18th pickup...and, well...

To make a long and harrowing data entry story very short, we have SO MUCH TO DO OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS.  (And also, aren't all data entry stories long and harrowing by the very nature of being "data entry" stories?)  So, that all said, if you planned to order frozen pies, do it immediately.  Like just open another browser window and go directly to  The frozen option has gone so well that we will jump on the frozen pie pickup train for Christmas orders as well, especially as Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year.

Beyond doing data entry, baking a lot of pie, washing a lot of dishes, and answering 31 million phone calls today, I also found a magical hour or so to finish out our Kickstart campaign.  And short of adding two small things tomorrow morning, it is ready to go to Kickstarter for review.  (Those two things are a file that meets Kickstarter specifications on our video AND filling in our EIN because I was at home and the EIN is written down at the shop.  I'm the entrepreneur that doesn't know our EIN from memory, which probably makes me as lame as it sounds.  Don't be that girl.)

All that said, I am pleased with the written campaign.  But here is what every ounce of my soul has wanted to show you since I first saw it in my inbox from our talented friend Gillian Tracey.

I JUST CAN'T EVEN WITH THIS.  I love it so, so, so much that even if Kickstarter falls way short, my heart will be so happy to know that Gillian captured what we had in our minds when considering this project.  This image she created will run as the cover art to the project and potential backs will see it along with the project title.  And how could you not even click on that?