Maybe I'm Crazy.

Well, we are just a few hours shy of being NINE days from Thanksgiving.  NINE DAYS, PEOPLE.

And, I know this isn't our first time at the Thanksgiving rodeo.  But honestly, most of my overwhelming fear of failure is just my natural reaction to wanting a perfectly executed Thanksgiving Pie Pickup System.  Let's call it a TPPS, for short.  Or let's just call me crazy.

Last night, I actually dreamt that I was driving in heavy traffic in downtown Chicago.  While I didn't recognize it in my dream, I'm pretty certain the setting was Lake Shore Drive, with the multiple lanes of traffic and the city skyline on one side and Lake Michigan on the other.  (And now that I think about it, when I was in Chicago once, someone pointed to a tall building right in that area and swore up and down that Oprah lived on the entire top floor.  And I just love Oprah so much that I was willing to accept the assertion that I was Oprah-adjacent at the time, but who knows if it was really the truth, but the thought was nice.)


I knew I needed to get back to Columbia as quickly as possible because I had something that I needed to do (like bake 1,000 pies).  But I couldn't get any sort of cell connection or data connection to my phone or my car, so I was just driving around looking for an exit, just like we did back in 1988 before Siri and when we still had VCRs and walked uphill to pie shops both ways in the snow.  I was super stressed out because I kept passing exits and while I knew that I needed to get to Missouri, I didn't see any exits for St. Louis...just for a lot of towns I've never heard.  And then I woke up in a cold sweat, so we will never know if I made it back or not.

It doesn't take a dream dictionary to tell me that all of my anxiety about the TPPS is manifesting in my brain as a directionless drive around downtown Chicago.  And not having final order numbers yet for next week is my missing cellular data connection.  And the not recognizing any town names is the simple fact that this week will feel a bit unknown as we work through each day.

Can't wait to see how I am with three days left...