Pros and Cons

Welp, I'll be the first to admit that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENED AT PJP TODAY. Seriously.

We baked a lot of pies and sold a lot of pies, but beyond receiving a ridiculously high City of Columbia utility was all business as usual.  (Now that I think about it though, ridiculously high utility bills are sort of the norm in this town now, right?)

So while some of us are zen with a non-eventful day (read:  Jeanne), others of us (read:  me) start stewing around for something interesting to happen.  So here are some ideas we've been collectively discussing amongst Team PJP:

  1. We hold October's Epic Pie Tasting actually on Halloween and all attendees must arrive in costume.  Instead of awarding prizes for the best palate, we'll award for Best Costume.  Pros:  something interesting and fun to do on Halloween if your kids are past the trick or treat stage, plus pie is better than candy (especially candy like Bit O'Honey, which holds my esteem as the worst candy to ever be manufactured).  Cons:  Scrolling through pages of Sexy Kitten, Sexy Maid, Sexy Cleopatra, and Sexy Dental Hygienist costumes on the Internet to find a truly great costume feels daunting.  And exhausting.
  2. For you long-term PJP fans, you'll remember that the original PJP sold all nine-inch pies in a glass Pyrex pie plates and you paid a deposit on it.  If you brought the plate back, you could get another pie or get your $5 back.  And if you didn't, you could just keep the plate.  We often hear from current customers that every pie plate in their kitchen came from the original PJP.  I was thinking of a fun one-day reboot of the idea.  Pros:  It's nostalgic and I know Peg would appreciate it.  Also, you could buy a pie in a Pyrex dish and totally pass it off like you made it when you serve it to dinner guests.  Cons:  Our UPS man would hate us if I ordered a few hundred Pyrex pie plates and had them shipped via Amazon Prime to us.  Also, Team PJP would hate us when we had to unpack all the plates and wash them all.  Just saying.
  3. Our final - and favorite - idea is this:  we often make pies on order, but at the customer's request, we don't bake them.  Rather, we put the pies in the freezer and then the customer purchases them and takes them home and bakes them in their oven when they are ready  to enjoy it (we include the baking instructions).  It works well because it allows the customer to bake it and pull it out of the oven hot whenever they are ready to serve it (also making your house smell delicious).  We are considering offering anyone who picks up a frozen unbaked pie the week before Thanksgiving a 15% discount.  Pros:  Your house is going to smell great when you bake it in your oven on Thanksgiving afternoon.  Cons:  You won't be able to see our bedraggled, sleep deprived faces at the day-before-Thanksgiving pickup process.  Oh, we will still be will have just seen us the week before when we were younger and more full of hope.

Thoughts?  Send 'em my way.