So, it is fairly safe to say that by the end of last week, I was feeling the pressure from all the things that make entrepreneurship a struggle. (That's precisely how I ended up in Starbucks on Thursday morning shedding a few tears while I sucked down my second iced coffee of the day.  Charming...said no one ever.) But in the promise of full disclosure, I was OVER ALL THINGS PJP last week.  I was tired and overwhelmed and a little weary of a lot of things.  Then by Sunday that feeling was gone...which is sort of one of the odd things about entrepreneurship that no one tells you:  the love for what you do (and therefore what you've created) will eventually outweigh everything else.  Thank goodness, right?

And thankfully, the only event on my PJP calendar today was something I've been super excited for and looked forward to all podcast interview with Blake from Half Hour Intern.  I've listened to enough episodes of the podcast to be pretty certain that Blake and I would be fast friends (he proclaims himself an "informationaholic", which I completely adore and utterly understand).  And I've listened to enough episodes to know that we would discuss in-depth the decision to open PJP, the work it takes to grow a business, and what's rewarding about entrepreneurship.  And that we would laugh a lot while accomplishing it.

AND OUR CONVERSATION DID NOT DISAPPOINT.  Blake was really easy to talk to and he had so many great questions for me that it helped remind me of why I am so lucky to own 50% of PJP (even when she is trying, to say the least).  And it also reminded me that there are legions of people out there who are working so hard on building something they believe in strongly, albeit it is usually two steps forward and one step back for us all.  (He mentioned several things about his own path to creating his podcast that made me yell "PREACH IT" into the microphone.)

After finishing my chat with Blake, I headed straight to the carpool line at school and scrolled through Facebook for the first time today.  I noticed that a friend of mine had shared a link to a GoFundMe campaign set up to help rebuild the small businesses of the Delmar Loop area of St. Louis in the wake of the violence in the area over the weekend.  I immediately logged in and made a donation, humbled that while I had the opportunity to share my story on a podcast today, many other business owners just like me spent their day cleaning up broken glass and worrying about how to pay insurance deductibles and figuring out how to get their businesses back open to the public as quickly as possible.  I can't even imagine.

I feel like I've had a bit of a reset on my mental game after both of those things today, so I call that an epic win.  Cheers to a solid week ahead, friends.