Some Good Things.

So it seems like things have been non-stop around here and after dealing with all sorts of stuff - from the legit to the absurd - over the past few weeks, it has left me feeling a little bit like IM'MA NEED A MINUTE.  Do we think anyone else at PJP would notice if I blocked myself off the calendar for the remainder of the week?  Ahem. So, I was fairly prepared to be on my soapbox about a few things but then I watched all the coverage of Hurricane Irma and September 11th (and let's not forget about Hurricane Harvey) and I thought meh...I don't have it in me to complain about the trivial at PJP and so here are three exceptional things worth sharing:

  1.  Over the weekend, we celebrated Jeanne's 64th birthday.  And since she almost died this spring, HOLLA TO THE MILESTONE.  If you know Jeanne at all in real life, then you know her version of celebrating includes an ample slice of white cake with buttercream frosting, three glasses of wine, and an 8 pm bedtime.  Which is exactly what she did.  AS SHE SHOULD.
  2. You probably know by now that I am a fan of a great podcast.  Now that we live 22 minutes (I've time it) from the PJP Compound to the PJP storefront, I have ample time to listen to a lot of different things and I've fallen in love in Half Hour Intern.  Blake, the host, interviews a different person each episode simply about what they do...and it is fascinating.  I've listened to episodes about being an opera singer, a Navy Seabee, a chemical engineer, a cattle rancher, a pen enthusiast, and more.  So I emailed Blake (because, of course) and told him how much I love his show and volunteered my time to chat if he were ever interested.  Turns out he was interested (cue all the fangirling).  I'm recording my episode with Blake on Monday via Skype.   Our friends at Delta Systems are setting me up in luxe recording digs so that I don't have to have our dishwasher in the background at the shop or rely on my super sketchy country Internet connection.
  3. And finally, yesterday morning we were 30 likes shy of 5,000 on Facebook so I posted a quick few sentences with the offer to give a $50 gift card to a random person who liked and shared our post once we passed the 5,000 mark.  Facebook is a fickle animal, so I wasn't sure exactly what would happen...and I certainly didn't expect 92 new likes in 12 hours.  So it's Facebook official that more than 5,000 people like us.  Which, actually, seems sort of silly because can you even imagine saying that sentence 10 years ago?  But in the world of social media marketing, it means something and I'll happily mark that goal off my bucket list.  You all are just the best for making it happen.  And congrats to Loretta Sprinkles who won the $50 to PJP for sharing the's valid on everything, even Thanksgiving orders...