Three Times Fast.

Well, it seems that despite almost never knowing what I'm doing, I've won the bronze medal for Inside Columbia magazine's Best of Columbia 2017 contest (Best Entrepreneur category).  Say that three times fast.

And if you know anything about this annual contest, you know that there are a ton of categories and the public can write in the nominations.  So to the person who wrote my name in on the first round, thank you times ten million.  The original list of nominees in the Best Entrepreneur category was an easy 25 or so, each person as deserving as the next.  And considering I document most of my life here under the theme of "I'm completely unclear about what I'm doing most of the time", I did not vote for myself (even once).  (Though, who are we kidding here, my competitive nature could have easily gone all Tracy Flick on this thing and had the category been for something like "Best Pie", I totally would have...)

All that said, right after our Walmart meetings in late June, I was asked to participate in a photo shoot at the Aria Luxury Apartments for those who placed in the top three in all the Best Of... categories.  And that sounds glamorous, right?  Except it was super hot out, creating maximum hair frizz.  And with overcast skies.  I would have killed for a pair of sunglasses as we tried to look effortless by the pool.  (You know what takes effort?  Looking effortless.)  There was wine offered inside, but we weren't allowed to take glass out by the pool.  Nice to know that low level fame has limitations, right?

(Photo credit to L.G. Patterson, who hereby forever receives free pie for life for not choosing a picture for the print publication that requires me to analyze my thighs while perched on the corner of a pool lounger.)

Joking aside, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted for me.  I couldn't be more honored to be included in the original list of nominees, much less climbing to the top three.  Not only did a vote for me equal a vote for #worldpiedomination, but it was a vote for the idea that you don't have it all together all the time to be recognized for growing a business.  You just need a lot of love for what you do, a serious stubborn streak that you'll figure it all out, and a community of people who come along side of you for the regular two steps forward, one step back so common in the entrepreneurial journey.  You all deserve the gold medal for Best Community, for sure.  I'll even let you take wine by the pool...