If you recall, early last week we met with several packaging experts to discuss just how exactly we could seal our pie crusts to meet the Walmart retail standards (and ensure a solid minimum 30 day shelf life).  And late yesterday afternoon, we received confirmation that the VMS 153 sealer will, in fact, seal the dough exactly as we need.  Welcome to the newest member of the PJP Inner Circle.  VMS 153, this is everyone.  Everyone, this is the VMS 153.

So, let's cut it down to what everyone really wants to know...just how much does a sealing machine that is hydraulic AND flushes gasses out cost a girl?  Just make a guess.  I'll wait.  Really.


$6,215.00 (plus shipping and handling).

Honestly, that price isn't too far off of what Jeanne and I anticipated...and considering we don't know how to seal a pie crust and flush out the oxygen ourselves, it seems reasonable.  And even if it didn't, we can't sell pie crusts in Walmart that are wrapped in just saran wrap, so our options are fairly limited.  I suppose this is where we breath a collective sigh of relief that this machine doesn't cost $20,000, right?

Our next step is to ship off 12 pie crusts on dry ice to our packaging expert for another round of testing and for the start of our shelf life certification tests.  GOODNESS, let it be remembered that the summer of 2017 was the one where I became the person who discusses packaging and logistics like it is my everyday business.  Me + VMS 153 = FOREVER.