98.6% of the time, we are just living the regular life at PJP Buttonwood.  But occasionally, something completely interesting happens to us...like today, with our third appearance in a Buzzfeed list.  You probably wonder how this keeps happening to us...and to that, I say:  YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE.  Honestly, even after our third appearance, it is still pretty exciting.  This latest feature was discovered by my almost 12 year old (she's basically 25 in mind and spirit).  She was scrolling through her phone last night and looked up at me and said "oh hey, our Jelly Jars are on Buzzfeed again" and then tossed her ponytail and went back to scrolling as only an almost 12 year old/25 year old can do.  Apparently it takes more to seriously impress that age demographic. And the interesting thing about garnering such notice as regular Buzzfeed notice is that this morning, my email was full of requests to be my publicist, my literary agent, my bank, my credit card processor, and my online shipping processor.  Not to mention at least a dozen emails from bloggers who want a free box of Jelly Jar pies to taste and review on their blog.  Oh, and also, for the rock bottom price of $6,500 plus travel costs, we can include our Jelly Jar pies in the Emmy award ceremony swag bags.  Huh.

Which is all sort of interesting, except I don't need a publicist since I'm super good at talking about myself and PJP...

Admittedly the $6,500 for the Emmy awards thing is compelling, right?  It has something to do with setting up a tent and then the "television stars" walk through the tents and pick and choose what to add to their swag bags.  Frankly, it sounds exhausting  I could just see Jeanne and I in eight layers of Spanx trying to convince D list television actors to try Jelly Jar pies that we baked in a convection oven in our hotel room at 3 am.

(That said, we would totally be down for it if we had a spare $3,500, evening gowns, and an unlimited budget for restrictive undergarments. Does anyone know if Ryan Seacrest eats pie?)