You Aren't Surprised.

Please forever let today be known as THE DAY WE MADE ALL THE JELLY JARS AND SHIPPED THEM TO ALL OF THE STATES. (We actually made 500 or so Jelly Jar pies...but while we were in the thick of it this afternoon, it felt like 500 million.  As anyone on Team PJP will attest, Jelly Jars have a way of multiplying on you like that.  Like gremlins.)

Here are a few thoughts:

  1. We had a fairly banner month of June, what with our Walmart news and all.  I think we needed a solid day of struggle, just for the tacit reminder that we still have so much to work on in the quest for #WPD.  And there is nothing better than terror sweating while watching the clock to beat the 6 pm deadline to remind ourselves of just that.
  2. Or running out of printer ink at 5:43 pm either.
  3. You know what makes our story today all the better?  Ten Team PJP members in 1,050 square feet with both ovens on all day while it is 95 degrees outside, lidding hot jars.  Sweaty = Stabby.
  4. We did have PJP family lunch both days though and discussed things that you only discuss with people you spend a lot of time with...namely, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what food and why?
  5. We didn't have dessert after family lunch.  Making 500 pies in one day does that to you.
  6. For the most part, everyone baked while I stood at the computer and printed labels for oh, HOURS.  Actually, it took me longer to print all the shipping labels than it made the nine Team PJP members to make the jars, bake the jars, and lid the jars.  I feel like tweeting that to UPS.  Someone should look into that.
  7. And would you believe it costs $456.07 to ship eight six packs of Jelly Jars to Hawaii via two-day UPS?
  8. Would you believe that I've never even been to Hawaii? (But I would happily deliver jars there myself, in case anyone on the Hawaii Board of Tourism happens to be reading this.)
  9. Would you believe we miscounted by 6 jars and have to make those in the morning?
  10. Do you know us at all?  Then you aren't surprised, right?