We were a bit back to normal today after yesterday's Jelly Jar Extravaganza 2K17...or as normal as we can be for us, anyway (considering a loyal blog reader stopped in with a gift for Jeanne of super fancy razor blades, which COMPLETELY MADE JEANNE'S DAY).  That left plenty of time to answer the emails I'd ignored over the past few days and then go straight to my new house to transform the master bath from Benjamin Moore 076 (Carlsbud Canyon) to Benjamin Moore 985 (Indian River).  Carlsbud Canyon?  Uhhh...like Carlsbad Cavern, but not?  Whatever, just know it was orange and now it isn't.  THANKFULLY. (Also please note there were 584 things I could have done at PJP Buttonwood this afternoon, but how can anyone do anything when they own a Carlsbud Canyon orange master bath and they move in six days?)

But I digress.

A few people have asked for a Walmart update, so here are a few thoughts...

My primary task right now is to find a sealing machine for the pie dough that ensures the proper shelf life.  At PJP Buttonwood, we simply use plastic wrap because we rarely let more than a few hours pass before we unwrap the pressed dough and use it for baking.  For a retail environment, we would like a 30 to 60 day shelf life, which should be completely plausible if it is sealed properly so the dough doesn't dry out.  Shortly before going to Bentonville, Jeanne went to Sam's Club and purchased a Food Saver to see if it could be an easy fix to our sealing problems.  You know what happened?  It crushed our pie tin of dough into a taco.  Not even kidding.

And we went to Bentonville with plastic wrap on our prototypes...which our buyer immediately noted.  Which means we are now in the market for a fancy sealing machine that doesn't crush the pie tin, isn't overly thick with plastic, and can be installed in PJP Buttonwood with our space and cash limitations.  Basically, we are looking for the Goldilocks of the dough wrapping world.  Sigh.  We've found a few companies with some promising products, though the immediate response of "oh yeah, we totally seal pie dough for the retail environment" is not a response that most companies give.  Turns out we are sort of a niche market that way.  Because of course we are.

Basically, this means I have a research project to complete to find just the right sealer machine.  Thankfully, I love a research project.  Also, it is 2017 and I can't imagine this world we live in doesn't offer shrink wrap for pie dough.  Because after all, it offers paint named after processed cheese and fictional locations...