No One Asked.

If you really want a glimpse into what is going on behind the scenes at PJP lately, please just know that I was up at 11:55 last night ordering groceries online from Hyvee.  Which, if you know me at all in real life, isn't like me at all.  I'm a pro at grocery shopping and would rather drag myself dog tired through the aisles after 18 hours of baking than just not grocery shop.  Yet, here we are.  A whole new level of too much to do, right? (No one asked, but here are my thoughts on online grocery is perfect for people who make lists before they shop.  I lean more toward the "meander around and think about it" school of shopping, so it makes sense that it took me over an hour to shop online and we now have a gallon of chocolate milk in our house, yet no bread.  This was my first foyer into Hyvee's online program and I hear it gets easier the more you do it.  The convenience and the someone else loading the groceries into my car was AMAZING.)

Beyond our Walmart project, we are shipping out 78 six-packs of Jelly Jars for a single client this week to just about everywhere in America you can imagine.  And I'm trying to pack up our house that we've lived in for 14 years and move in the next 10 days.  And paint the new house.  The new house is amazing and chock full of potential, but the upstairs bathroom is currently Benjamin Moore 2018-40, Nacho Cheese.  I can't even make that up.  NACHO CHEESE.

(No one asked, but I wonder how you get a job naming paint colors?  Personally, I would love such a job and if pies don't work out, then I could make a strong case to Benjamin Moore to pay me to pick out paint color names...preferably not from the cheese family.)

Because Jeanne now lives across the street from me (#PJPCompound), she drives over on her mower to weigh in on my paint choices and to help out.  I've gotten a few questions about our compound, namely...won't we be sick of each other if we live across the street from each other?  But to set the scene, our house in on seven acres and her house is on six we can't even really see each other.  And none of this has to do with Hyvee or Nacho Cheese, but I've never typed "drives over on her mower" in a sentence and since we are already talking about paint named after cheese, then now would be the time.  SHE DRIVES OVER ON HER MOWER.

So, if you stop by PJP Buttonwood over the next few days and you see hundreds of Jelly Jars covering our tables and me printing out shipping labels with paint flecks on my gel manicure, NOW you know the whole story.

(No one asked, but my manicure is Grey Matter.  The paint flecks are Benjamin Moore CW-715, Bone Black.  Props to the person who named that one.)