Other Things.

For all the worrying I did yesterday about missing out on the action at PJP yesterday, our sales were slower than watching paint dry today (which is ironic, because all I do in my spare time lately is paint walls at our new house...and wait for them to dry).  So here are a few other things that have been going on at PJP Buttonwood...

  1. We've been featured in Buzzfeed once before and I marked it as a monumental life event.  Seriously.  So when I was notified earlier today that our Jelly Jar pies were once again featured in a Buzzfeed article, I was super excited because OF COURSE I WAS.  I was scrolling through Buzzfeed on my phone tonight while I was making dinner and saw that the article lead actually used our jars as the picture.  And well, that is NOTEWORTHY.  Monumental life event, Part II.
  2. Also, the quiz next to our featured photo guessed me as a Gemini, which is interesting because I'm an Aquarius.  And not in the market for a dream wedding.  And if you look catty-corner to our featured photo, please note I'm literally NOT a dentist.
  3. We've been kicking around this idea focusing on pie by the slice, naming it aptly as "Slice and Serve Saturday".  In short, we won't bake any Baby Pies for PJP Buttonwood on a particular Saturday, but we will make a lot of options in full size pies and then happily slice them up and put them in cute boxes for you to take home at a compelling price.  (One of the most commonly asked questions we get is whether we sell by the slice, so it would be nice to answer "well, at least once a year we do".)  Details and a date coming soon.
  4. And we've been kicking around an idea for Moon Pies for the eclipse occurring in August.  Moon pies could be a great idea or it could be a marginal idea that feels like a good idea because my Facebook feed is flooded with invites to eclipse related events.  Even the Hyvee gas station has started selling eclipse glasses for $1.59 and thus my competitive nature feels like maybe PJP should have an eclipse event too.  When Jeanne reads this, she will look at me and say "if everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you?" and I will be forced to reply "I don't know...is there an eclipse happening in this bridge scenario?".
  5. And finally, we all know I'm not one for an inspirational business leader book (at least not one filled with snark).  But when I listened to John Bassett speak at our Walmart event last week, I immediately wanted to bring him home and just have him readily available to dispense advice and pithy statements whenever I needed.  Turns out he wrote a book...and I picked it up at the library today.  I'm only 33 pages in, but he is just an endearing in the written word as when he speaks.  (Also, the very first super grown up purchase Jason and I ever made was a Bassett bedroom set 18 years ago and John Bassett's book is on now my Bassett bedside table.  I love a full circle story.)  I'll keep you posted on whether I still want to bring him home to dispense advice after I read all 260 pages...