Holiday Break.

We took a bit of a PJP break over the holiday, closing both yesterday AND today.  I'm a firm believer that the Fifth of July should be a national holiday on the theory that everyone is tired or hungover or bloated from too many snacks.  Or all three, I suppose...and we just couldn't see today as a major pie selling day.  One of the perks of entrepreneurship is that you get to make your own rules, so we closed for the day.  Holla to American independence...and entrepreneurial independence. I was feeling pretty good about it all this morning after my nine hours of sleep until I went to PJP Buttonwood to meet our Sysco truck around noon.  Because THE PHONE RANG AT LEAST 12 TIMES IN 30 MINUTES I WAS THERE.  Gah.  After that, I just started to worry and second guess our decision to close for the day because what if those were all people calling because they needed pie today?  What about lost sales?  What if people calling thought we were slackers or just plain lazy?  What if people calling just thought we stopped caring about PJP?

Have I mentioned that I'm really good at worrying about everything?  Do you know me at all by now?

(On the way home to our new house, I pass fields of soybeans planted in the river bottoms.  Every day I notice them and note the plants look taller and I worry if there is flooding in the low, flat ground.  I am emotionally invested in the success of soybeans planted in a field by someone I don't know.  I am actively worrying about crops and I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CROPS.  So you can only imagine the level of worry I always have about PJP, right?)

But just so you don't think I'm certifiably crazy, I did calm myself by noting that this is the last holiday we have off until Thanksgiving Day and well, that's sobering.  So I went to our new house and painted walls and thought about all the things we need to do for our Walmart project.  And double checked on the crops on the way.  Ahem.

Now that we are finally past our Walmart meeting and the holiday, we are anxious for a bit more routine over the next few weeks.  We have a lot of work to do on #WorldPieDomination before the summer ends, you know?  In the meantime, does anyone know when soybeans are harvested?