Oh Wait...

So, look, I've spent the last 36 hours talking about Walmart to anyone with a pulse that will stand near me long enough for me to open my mouth.  I'm a little sick of myself now that I think about it, because how many ways can you ask for feedback on calculating labor costs without someone wanting to tell you to shut up eventually? Actually, does anyone here have any thoughts about labor costs?

Just kidding.  Sorta.

That said, I am pleased to announce that our presentation to Walmart is complete.  Tomorrow, it will go to the printer so that each person in the meeting next Wednesday can have a bound copy.  And creating the content was a serious undertaking.  I read articles from publications that I didn't even know existed so I could quote relative data to the average U.S. consumer.  There are graphs, charts, photos, and lofty goals (we would be hip to having a branded bakeware line of products, in case anyone was curious).  And there is a fair amount of math...some numbers more dubious than others.

This morning we met with Gillian Tracey, our graphic design and branding maven.  What she has done for the final packaging concept of our pie dough is worthy of an eventual dedicated blog post that will go up next week with pictures.  But what she did in a few hours today to the look of our completed PowerPoint presentation is nothing short of amazing.  SERIOUSLY.  When creating the original file, I just used a template on my Mac and did a lot of cutting and pasting of things.  Come to think of it, Gillian probably needs a Xanax after working through what I did to that thing.

That said I actually cried when I opened the file Gillian returned to me because a) I'm a little on edge these days, and b) OH MY WORD, IT IS EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED IN A PRESENTATION.  Granted, it was probably fine (read: boring) before I sent it to her because the content was strong.  However, the visual impact she made to the final file makes me so happy that I'm probably going to show it to every single person near me with a pulse who will stand near me long enough for me to open my mouth.  Oh wait.

If Walmart decides next week that they have absolutely no interest in PJP dough at all, I think 50% of me will be zen because our presentation is nothing short of 100% amazing and there isn't a single thing I would change about it.  (Except maybe the product margins, ahem).  The other 50% of me will, of course, be completely indignant for the rest of my natural life.  You aren't surprised, are you?

So, like all things we do at PJP, it takes a village to get it done.  Countless people have helped me pull together all of the information, provided feedback, thought through the hard questions, answered late night texts, brainstormed solutions, and so much more.  The girl that does my hair even moved her schedule around on Monday so I don't to Bentonville with grown out roots on Tuesday...and if that isn't a sheer act of kindness in support of #worldpiedomination, I don't even know what is.

We couldn't be more appreciative of each and every one of you for anything in this world.  Thank you.