Hey. So, for the past few weeks, we've just been talking about Walmart and thinking about Walmart and planning for Walmart...all so we could actually GO TALK TO WALMART TODAY ABOUT OUR PIE DOUGH.  Walmart.  Walmart.  Walmart.

Did I mention we've been working on selling to Walmart?  Ahem.

Do you sense a theme here?

When I restock on my word supply (I've used darn near all of them over the past 24 hours and that rarely ever happens), I'll have an epic post for you with all of our insight into our journey to Bentonville.  Because it was rather noteworthy, indeed.  (Hint:  Jeanne likes to stop everywhere on a road trip.  She calls it "stopping at every pig path along the way".  I'm still not sure what that means, but do we even care because how often can you justify using "pig path" in a sentence?)

But, I digress.  Here is what you probably want to know most...WHAT HAPPENED TODAY AT WALMART HEADQUARTERS?

Welp, the short answer is, they loved us.


Our product, packaging, marketing, and long-term growth plans were all 100% on target for the #MadeInAmerica initiative created by Walmart.  Our buyer returned us to Columbia with a short list of manageable goals before we return in a few weeks with some small fixes, such as UPC codes, a solid process to sealing the dough in the box, and a heap of insurance indemnifying Walmart from claims against the product.  And given all the scenarios we expected, from an immediate order of one million pie crusts to a "don't call us, we'll call you" response, there is no doubt that today was the best possible outcome ever for PJP and #WPD.

After a fix of these small issues, we will then begin a test in a range of Walmart stores.  And well, WE SIMPLY CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED.  (Our meeting this morning started with a rally to the creating jobs in America initiative, featuring a comments by Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson and a keynote by John Bassett, who was just the best and most inspiring ever).  And after all that, you couldn't keep Jeanne and I from our presentation room and we busted in with anticipation and excitement.  The entire 30 minute meeting was surreal and I was at least half way to our car before my brain could process that Walmart actually said that they loved us and they currently offered nothing like what we make.  I'm still not sure it has settled into either of us quite yet.

So that is the short recap.  They liked us.  We can fix what they need for testing in regional markets.

Oh, and we will sell millions of units in thousands of Walmart stores.  (We mapped that last part out on the way home.  Ahem.)