Over Everything.

Well, you would think I would be full of news and of accomplishments given our Walmart meeting is just a week away.  But, true to my nature, I'm still in a holding pattern of stewing and overthinking...thereby preventing any real work from being accomplished.  And that I have a new house to think about isn't helping much (you can't even believe how much time you can waste on the Internet watching how-to-shiplap videos when you should be doing other stuff).  AND, to add to it all, our current home went under contract on Friday night (Thank goodness...and thanks to Jeri Lou Shindler, whew).  Which means at whatever moment you encounter me, I'm thinking about whether I should be boxing, shiplapping, or creating a proposal for the country's largest retailer.  JUST THE WAY I LIKE THINGS. Because we are so well staffed, my time devoted to baking has become less over the past month while I try to spend time focusing on other stuff, like writing huge checks for stuff we can't afford and building the PJP brand.  So on Saturday when our volume of orders demanded that I arrive early and spend the morning baking, it felt like a relief honestly.  It reminded me of all the hours over the past three years that I've started my early morning with a double batch of Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.  And it gave me perspective to our progress, which can be hard to see because I'm so in the middle of the pie vortex.  Does that make sense?

So that's the Monday update...overwrought, overdramatic, and overthinking.  I need someone to slap me or fast forward the calendar a week.  Or watch shiplap videos with me.  But probably all three.