And Then.

To be perfectly honest, I've spent the last 36 hours on an endless loop of discussion about PJP and Walmart.  Walmart and PJP.  PJP and Walmart.  I'm tired of my own self.  Here are all the items of note from today that have somehow contributed to my endless discussion about us...

  1. A team from University Hospital stopped by to interview and photograph Jeanne and I for a story in their Archives magazine.  The magazine is created and published for the staff, patients, and visitors to the hospital.  In an upcoming issue, you'll see a photo of Jeanne and I and read our perspective on surviving pulmonary embolism and our trip together through the ER to the MICU.  It probably won't be anything beyond what you've read here, but just know that we were seriously sucking it in for the photo in effort to look skinnier.  Because of course we were.
  2. And then, I had the honor of being invited to speak at the University of Missouri Women's Leadership Conference.  I participated in a panel discussion about becoming a leader and what that means to me as PJP continues to grow.  Participating in the conversation with other panelists was great fun...and I took my almost 12-year-old daughter so that she could continue to be inspired by women stepping into roles of leadership.
  3. And if that wasn't enough at PJP Buttonwood, I engaged in complex mathematical equations for Walmart pricing that went like:  If PJP uses 10 inches of saran wrap on each pie crust and 500 yards of Saran Wrap comes on the roll, how much does 10 inches of it cost?  It was like every bad middle school math problem ever made, except 30 years later I still can't figure out the answer and just made a note to add .01 cent to cover the cost of the Saran Wrap.  Solid plan.
  4. And because there aren't 500 other things going on, I raced back to Columbia from the conference to do the final walk through on our new house before closing tomorrow.  Which means that this time tomorrow night, WE WILL HAVE A PJP COMPOUND.
  5. And then to complicate it all, I applied to House Hunters not long ago to fulfill my dream of wearing multiple layers of Spanx on television and pretending like we haven't already purchased the house while we tour it.  And you won't believe it, but they emailed me back, expressing interest.  So I excitedly return the email and they start to talk about scheduling filming...if we are willing to wait to move until August 7th.  And this may not surprise you, but Behind-The-Scenes Tech Guru Jason is not interested in being on television OR not moving until August 7th.  Or wearing Spanx for that matter.  (But I'm not giving up on the issue just yet.)