Super Interesting.

A month or so ago, I said to a few Inner Circle members that I was ripe for something SUPER INTERESTING to happen to PJP.  And then Jeanne was plagued with pulmonary embolisms...which wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  Ahem.

But as our lives started to slowly return to normal, I got the SUPER INTERESTING I was looking for so longingly just a few weeks before.  And here's the backstory...

A number of weeks ago, I read in the Saturday Columbia Daily Tribune business section that Walmart was hosting an "Investing in American Jobs Open Call" event.  Businesses across America were invited to apply for the opportunity to meet with a Walmart and/or Sam's product buyer.  And on a whim, and because I'm exceptionally competitive, I decided to apply for the opportunity to sell our pie dough in Walmart and Sam's stores.  (The application process wasn't terribly took a fair amount of thought and planning.  But I sent it in anyway because we can start small with our pie dough locally or we can start BIG and just pitch a nationwide launch.  Don't mind if I do.)

A month or so passed and it occurred to me that I should log back in and check on that application (I actually remember it when I was camped out in the MICU with Jeanne).  And lo and behold, out of the THOUSANDS of companies that applied for consideration and on the exceptionally short list of companies invited to attend a two day meeting Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas was...well, PJP.

I know, right?

So we will be heading to Bentonville on June 27th and June 28th for meetings with buyers and all sorts of supply chain informational sessions.  And for goodness sakes, it appears even the governor of Arkansas will be there with a few remarks for us.  SUPER INTERESTING, INDEED.

So, if you are wondering how this all works and what will happen if Walmart orders 10 boxes of pie dough or 10 million boxes, then you are in good company.  Because I'm not sure yet either (and heck, they might decide they don't like us at all).  But I'm working away on our presentation.  If you stop by PJP and see me there but hunched over my computer and swearing at Excel, then you know I'm trying to figure something out in case Walmart asks me all Shark Tank-style about the cost of flour to make dough for 10,000 pie crusts versus 100,000.

Or maybe just one versus one million.  Either way.