Hello, There...

Well. Hello, there.

I am officially back after TEN DAYS off the grid.  And it probably doesn't surprise you, but I'm not really an "off the grid" sort of girl.  In fact, there may have been a few instances in the Caribbean wherein I considered scaling a coconut tree to simply catch a stronger WiFi signal so that I could load the Square sales reports to my phone.

Alas, for all my incessant worry, everything and everyone was JUST FINE without me.  Team PJP did a remarkable job of keeping the shop moving forward all week.  Jeanne did a remarkable job of convalescing (considering her general disposition and tendency to not listen to me at all about that sort of thing).  And I did a remarkable job relaxing just a bit here and there (considering my general disposition and tendency to not listen to anyone about that sort of thing).  So, overall, a successful vacation week.

Which is good...because we have some big things in the works at PJP.  And I'll share the details tomorrow (most likely).  But for now...

  1. Jeanne is back at PJP about an hour or two each day.  It feels out of routine and by my nature, I do love a good routine.  So, I'm a bit out of sorts.  What else would you expect?
  2. I did analyze the pie options as we travelled through the Caribbean last week.  Surprisingly, we saw it on the menu quite a bit in Curacao.  And have you ever been to Willemstad, Curacao?  It is BEAUTIFUL.  #WPDWillemstad is rather catchy, no?
  3. We finished off our trip by a quick overnight in Key West.  And not surprisingly, there is Key Lime pie at every corner.  We didn't try any because I'm competitive and I would have obsessed in the last 24 hours of our vacation (which is pathetic but the honest truth).  I'd still put PJP Key Lime in competition with any Key West bakery.
  4. And oh, cold Key Lime pie made me remember this...we now sell thermal bags at PJP that hold your cold pies for the ride home when it is a thousand degrees outside.  You.  Are.  Welcome.  (They are also reusable and eco-friendly.  Bonus.)
  5. And that's it.  I have several hundred emails in my inbox that are demanding a response.  So, if you emailed me and I haven't responded...I'm getting to it.  I just couldn't find a tree tall enough for signal to do email AND daily sales reports last week.  Ahem.