Alive and Well

I really wanted to post earlier in the week, but as you know I have trouble with computers. The ONLY reason I can post now is because Rebecca and family are back into the States and I could actually have a real conversation. I am not a big fan of texting, it takes to long and ties up other things I would rather be doing. Talking on the phone allows you to do personal things in the bathroom, clean up the kitchen, and pet the dogs because you need only one hand. I tried to keep my phone with me at all times but that is a nuisance too. At least when the phone rings it is letting me know someone wants my attention. Texting just dings and I am not tuned to little dings. More seriously, I wanted to thank all the prayers and well wishes sent to me. Our great staff that went beyond was what expected to help keep the pie shop running smooth. Grateful for my husband who had to stay at the lake to finish  packing up our house because we had sold it and had to be out that week.  My Rebecca who became the glue that kept everybody going and kept me alive. She took on that hard role of becoming a care giver. She would suddenly appear at the hospital about the time my doctor was rounding and hammer him with a million questions! She kept the road hot between taking care of anything I needed, talking with Jeri Lou Schindler about documents needed to close on our new home. Spoke to our lender, out insurance agent, the carpet cleaners and  other cleaning people we needed to move out of rental home in Columbia. She took the kids to school, attended Ell and Hayden's graduation and video taped it for me. She kept her household going, kept the shop open and visited me several times a day to see how I was doing. She reminded me of some guy spinning plates on a stick, maybe 12 of them all at one time running back and forth to keep the plates spinning and never broke a plate! Whew, what a job. But that describes Rebecca, she may sound like a hot mess but she always has it together..

I was a smoker, I use the past tense because it has almost been a month since I became ill. I was so sick the first ten days that having a little smoke never crossed my mine. It has crossed my mind since I feel better but I chose to stay smoke free. Smoking and stress contributed to the blood clots in my lungs. I was very scared about staying alive and I don't want to be that position again. I thought I was just tired and would feel better after a good night's sleep. What started to become a life threatening ordeal became the opposite. I am thankful God let me live and living it more healthy.

So I learned that old dogs can learn new tricks. I breath easier and smell better. I didn't realize how much more time I have on my hands. When I mentioned this to Rebecca she responded by saying "You owe me a million hours that I have waited on to have a smoke before we could do something together!" She is right and I hope the give her those million hours by living a lot longer!