From the PCU.

So, I'm writing this from the (wait for it, wait for it...) PROGRESSIVE CARE UNIT.  Finally.

It is safe to say that while Jeanne isn't significantly better, she is, in fact, BETTER.  And considering what she has been through in the past six days, a simple BETTER is enough to make my heart happy.

So, for you medical types and you Grey's Anatomy fans, we are still struggling to lower her dependency on oxygen.  Her lungs are full of the pulmonary emboli (which, in addition to be a total pain for lung function, also damage the tissue around the embolism).  Once we can reduce her dependency on the oxygen, then she can move to a general medicine floor in the hospital.  And then finally, she can go home.  My best guess is at least early next week before that happens.  Doctors never really say, so I'm just saying I bet you next week.  And I know her pretty well.

So you have to be wondering about how PJP will fare as another week starts up.  Honestly, I'm wondering too.  We have the best of the best with Team PJP, so I'm not worried at all about accomplishing our baking schedule each day.  But we will miss her each day and I'll feel a little off just because she's my person.  And I know that trying to be at PJP, trying to be at the hospital, and trying to be everything my kids need (especially as we head into this busy last week of school) will be a challenge.  When someone suggested that women can have it all, they likely didn't consider pies, embolisms, and 5th grade graduation ceremonies.

But hey, Jeanne is BETTER.  The rest I can handle.