Seven Days.

Today marks Jeanne's seventh day in the hospital.  And to be all technical, that's a solid week of oxygen and IVs and Pitch Perfect.  All day I thought to myself about the events as they unfolded just a week ago and how awful it was to feel so scared and so completely powerless to change anything.  But then today, Jeanne demanded I go to her house and retrieve her curling iron.  Seven days in and MY GIRL IS BACK.  Finally.

Between being at the hospital and attending graduation ceremonies for both of my kids (who are leaving 5th grade and 8th grade), I feel like I've been at PJP Buttonwood for 42 seconds over the last two days.  Here are the only things I have to report...

  1. The doctor's best guess is that Jeanne will leave the hospital on Sunday or Monday.  She's still nestled away in Progressive Care but there is hope she might move to General Population (or gen-pop for you hospital regulars) on Friday.  That sounds very prison-esque, doesn't it?
  2. She's been cleared for a complete return to normal life, including PJP (holla).  It will just take time to build up some stamina.  And the doctors advised against scraping the floor with a razor blade JUST YET.  We are having a lot of conversations about moderation.  Would you be surprised if I told you that moderation wasn't really her thing?  No?  Honestly, I didn't think you would be.
  3. Speaking of cleaning, Emily texted me last night that she used a razor blade to clean her oven and wanted Jeanne to know.  I'll tell you, Jeanne's been pretty tough over the last week (crying way less than me, even when they couldn't get a good second IV line in)...but Emily's foray into Jeanne's favorite cleaning tool world just about moved her to honest tears.
  4. I can't even say it enough but Team PJP has completely saved my sanity over the past seven days.  I have no idea what Jeanne and I have done to deserve the best employees/friends in the world, but I'm thankful.  In fact, PJP hasn't needed me at all.  It's sort of like when your kid really loves their babysitter and is sad to see you come home from your date night.  I think PJP really just loves her people.
  5. And finally, not only does Team PJP take care of me and PJP...but my kids too.  Emily of Sugarberry Blooms brought my daughter the most amazing succulent bracelet to wear to her graduation ceremony tonight.  I just can't even with how amazing this is and when this idea starts showing up all over Instagram and Pinterest, know that Emily is the mastermind...